Our Story | All Gardening

It all started with 1 question, “how big is my lawn?”


Our Story | All Gardening

It all started with 1 question, “how big is my lawn?”

About Us

With more than 12 years experience in the lawn care industry, All Gardening Lawn Service has the resources and reputation of a great company and the convenience of local experts with branches in London and Yorkshire. Our capabilities span every facet of lawn care maintenance with exceptional care of turf, plants and trees. It begins with our All Gardening Lawn Service team—certified and licensed specialists, experts, agronomists, horticulturists and field representatives—who are committed to delivering outstanding service year after year.

How it all started

"How big is my lawn?" it was a question I was asking myself one day after work when I was cutting the lawn. "Surly there is an average size lawn" and "I wonder if I cut mine any faster than anyone else" and "I wonder is my lawn looking the best in the neighbourhood" - boy I did ask a lot of questions about my lawn back in 2004. So much so that I thought I'd make a living out of the hunt for the answers. 

And in April 19th 2004 All Gardening Lawn Service was born.

25000 visits later I've learnt a lot about lawn maintenance, lawn treatments and lawn care. I can't say I know everything but I do know a thing or two about the green stuff now. And I love it. 

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If you ever want to talk all things grass just drop me a line phil@allgardeninglawnservice.co.uk

Our Guarantee

EVERY one of our visit is backed by the All Gardening Lawn Service Lawn Guarantee. We strongly believe that a lawn changes from day to day and to keep it in top class condition you need to monitor its condition every visit. So we use a little bit of technology to keep track of the condition of your lawn and record what we see when we visit.

OUR TEAM back at base will analyse the information coming through and will advise you and the lawn technicians on any recommended changes needed.

We Believe that our lawn technicians are doing the best job possible to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction.

In fact, We’ll gladly visit your property as often as needed between scheduled visits to make any necessary adjustments and to ensure your satisfaction.

If your not satisfied with the condition of your lawn after any of our visits contact us.

Training & expertise | All Gardening Lawn Service

We’ve learnt quite a lot over the years

Training & expertise | All Gardening Lawn Service

We’ve learnt quite a lot over the years

What makes us unique?

  1. Constant on the job training and monitoring: We monitor everything we do, by monitoring we make sure our lawn technicians can send photos and reports on anything happening to your lawn that shouldn't be. 
  2. Our expert & professional knowledge hub: We have photo and video recordings of over 10 years of lawn visits, thats some 25,000 visits to-date - (they are all secure and never shared with anyone except our expert quality control team). As visits are carried out the photos with information comes in from the lawn technicians. This information is visually checked (we look for change in condition, cutting habit, watering habit, how the rest of the garden is being used, we pay attention to tree canopy and shrub coverage on the lawn, hot spots in the garden, wear and usage, any possible diseases manifesting in the lawn or local area, we can also monitor lawn condition year on year).
  3. Customer services - out bound and in bound: From the information coming in we can send you instructions of cutting length, cutting habits, general care of the lawn as we see it happen. We can also communicate to our lawn technicians so that they are making the necessary changes to there visits. No one day is the same.
  4. Training and expertise: Looking after lawns is a love, its not something you learn over night. So with that in mind our lawn technicians are supported every day with instruction on cutting lengths and what to look out for. We're learning every day and so are our lawn technicians.
  5. Reliable service, guaranteed results: We guarantee every visit, we may sometimes seem super fast on the visit but we do guarantee results, read more


Why Use A Professional Lawn Care Service

Lawn Care Services by All. Get a quote for your lawn services online. Guaranteed, reliable and professional with over 25'000 visits completed.

Why Use A Professional Lawn Care Service

Lawn Care Services by All. Get a quote for your lawn services online. Guaranteed, reliable and professional with over 25'000 visits completed.

A simple service 

Your lawn and landscape need ongoing attention to stay healthy. That's why All Gardening Lawn Service provides science-based solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. When combined with proper mowing and watering techniques, these services can maximize your lawn’s potential. Full cutting and maintenance services are also available.

As the leader in the professional UK lawn care industry, All Gardening Lawn Service is uniquely equipped to help you achieve a lawn you’ll love. 

Proper mowing and watering techniques are the first step toward a healthier lawn. But what’s next? Fertilizer? What kind? Weed control? How much? And when? The truth is, lawn care is a complex science. But many homeowners rely on trial and error and end up frustrated, never reaching their lawn goals.

An expert lawn care service, like All Gardening Lawn Service, can remove the guesswork and get your lawn on the right path, right away. That’s because All Gardening Lawn Service specialists have the training and expertise to recognise your lawn’s specific needs. We know if your lawn is low in phosphorus, or if your pH is too high, or if lawn damaging insects are threatening your grass. And we’ll take a tailored approach, making sure your lawn gets exactly what it needs, exactly when needed


Guesswork rarely leads to a desired result. But it does lead to wasted time, or worse, lawn damage and a long, drawn out recovery. With a professional lawn care service like All Gardening Lawn Service, you can avoid wasted time and spend more of it enjoying your lush, green lawn.

The best lawn I’ve ever had
— Roger Leister

Reliable service, guaranteed results

The right help at the right time can bring out your lawn’s full potential. A professional lawn care company, like All Gardening Lawn Service, can ensure that your lawn is getting exactly what it needs at key stages throughout the year. Plus, our Lawn Guarantee means we’ll gladly visit your property as often as needed between scheduled visits to make any necessary adjustments and to ensure your satisfaction.

Save money

Our vans are easy to spot #allyourlawnneeds

It’s surprising to discover that an expert lawn care company like All Gardening Lawn Service can perform services at a lower cost than you could on your own. But when you consider the retail prices you’d be paying for quality products and equipment, it makes sense. Homeowners often apply lawn care products excessively or improperly, which can waste money and cause damage to the lawn. It’s also worth noting that a healthy, attractive lawn can add significant value to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions | All Gardening Lawn Service

We’re always learning!

Frequently Asked Questions | All Gardening Lawn Service

We’re always learning!

Frequently asked question

Do you do garden maintenance?

The best answer is yes, we’re specialists at Lawn care via our LawnPlan services, but we also offer expert gardening and landscaping services. However it is worth mentioning that the lawn is typically over 90% of the yearly garden maintenance requirement.

Does my lawn need to be assessed?

We do assess lawns, but its not completely necessary to do so before we quote or start the service. From our perspective every lawn we see is out of condition, everyone is unique but the process of getting it back into condition is quite simple - the process can sometimes vary.

How do you price my lawn plan?

We use a combination of satellite technology, residential data sets, local knowledge and over 30'000 visits of knowledge to calculate your services.

Do you need to measure my lawn to give me a price?

No, we typically offer a fixed price service for all lawns up to 150m2. If its over that size we can offer a estimate based on local knowledge, public data and satellite technology.

Do you cut lawns?

Our service called Lawnplan Complete includes lawn mowing from March - November.

What do you do with the grass cuttings?

We will make sure all cuttings are put in your home recycling bins or bags.

Do you need access to any power?

All of the equipment we use is petrol powered and typically we are self reliant.

Can you make your visits if I just leave the gate open, will you close it afterwards?

Yes, we carry out the work and will lock up as instructed.

When can I start the lawn plan service?

Any time of year is good to start either of our services. lots gets done over winter that does require more time.

Are your treatments harmful to animals?

No, all our products are safe for animals and also small children.

I have a gardener, how do you work with them?

Yes, we work alongside gardeners. If you have signed up to the Lawnplan Basic service we leave you information for the gardener. If you sign up to Lawnplan Complete we take care of the lawn and you or the gardener have nothing to worry about.

I can do it cheaper myself?

No, we have worked out that on a typical lawn unto 150m2 the cost of treatments yourself are significantly higher, why? because you have to buy more than you need, thats the main reason, but because there are savings by using a bulk trader.

Also on Lawnplan complete which includes cutting, we have calculated that the average lawn cut costs £16 plus the time you have to put into it, at current minimum wage thats an additional cost of £9 per cut. So its £25 per cut - we have a minimum charge of £14 per cut. 

How much does the service cost?

For all lawns up to 150m2

  • Lawn plan complete starts at £576 per year including VAT

  • Lawn plan basic starts at £125 per year including VAT

  • Lawn plan renovation starts at £828 per year including VAT

  • Lawn mowing plan starts from just £20 per cut including VAT

Is the service a contract?

We offer 2 ways to pay, annually as a one off or in 12 instalments. 

How often do you visit?

We typically visit once every 10-12 weeks for Lawnplan Basic, and on a bi-weekly (every other week) basis for Lawnplan Complete.

How can I pay?

We take payment online, cash and cheque (but this will be based out by back soon).

Do you aerate lawns?

Yes, we can carry out aerations most of the year. You will be advise when this is to be done. The cores are collected and recycled into your garden or via us to recycling at a small charge. 

Do you do lawn treatments?

Yes, both services include regular treatments.

Do you carry out lawn scarification?

Yes, this is done. We take great care at making sure this is done at the right time of year and ONLY when the lawn needs it doing. It can be very damaging and recovery can be very slow in some cases.

Can you cut my lawn very short?

We have a rule that we only cut 1/3 off the length during any visit. If the lawn is growing rapidly it may well seem that the lawn hasn't been cut just 1/2 days after a visit. We don't cut it shorter. The "flush" as we call it often happens in late spring early summer and often 3/4 weeks after a feed. The growth does slow down quite rapidly as the ground dries out. If you want a shorter cut during the "flush" the only option is cutting the lawn more often. Extra cuts can be arranged at an extra charge.

Do I need to water my lawn?

Yes, lawns need watering. The lawn treatment sometime will need watering in, we will inform you if this is the case. Otherwise feeds are safe and require no watering.

If I have a problem with my lawn will you come and look at it?

Yes, we offer a no quibble revisit policy. Any problems just call, email or txt and we will sort out whats needed to adjust the problem.

Do you visit if its raining?

Yes, we always come when expected. We like to think we are running a huge golf course which is open for play every day. 

It looks like you have been, but it wasn't cut short enough? 

We are very careful about cut lengths, if your unsure of what we are doing with your lawn and the cut length please just talk to your lawn technician.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we take all credit cards

Can I pay by direct debt?

Yes, we can give you details on your invoice for setting up regular payment.