What makes us unique?

  1. Constant on the job training and monitoring: We monitor everything we do, by monitoring we make sure our lawn technicians can send photos and reports on anything happening to your lawn that shouldn't be. 
  2. Our expert & professional knowledge hub: We have photo and video recordings of over 10 years of lawn visits, thats some 25,000 visits to-date - (they are all secure and never shared with anyone except our expert quality control team). As visits are carried out the photos with information comes in from the lawn technicians. This information is visually checked (we look for change in condition, cutting habit, watering habit, how the rest of the garden is being used, we pay attention to tree canopy and shrub coverage on the lawn, hot spots in the garden, wear and usage, any possible diseases manifesting in the lawn or local area, we can also monitor lawn condition year on year).
  3. Customer services - out bound and in bound: From the information coming in we can send you instructions of cutting length, cutting habits, general care of the lawn as we see it happen. We can also communicate to our lawn technicians so that they are making the necessary changes to there visits. No one day is the same.
  4. Training and expertise: Looking after lawns is a love, its not something you learn over night. So with that in mind our lawn technicians are supported every day with instruction on cutting lengths and what to look out for. We're learning every day and so are our lawn technicians.
  5. Reliable service, guaranteed results: We guarantee every visit, we may sometimes seem super fast on the visit but we do guarantee results, read more