100% Garden Compost

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Copy of AG#2 Shady Seed.png

100% Garden Compost


Made from 100% recycled material.

Peat free and British Standards Institution (BSI) PASS100 accredited.

Green credentials: 100% UK sourced (all from Yorkshire to be precise), 100% recycled, 100% feel-good factor.

Available in single, twenty and fifty bags (full pallet) deals.

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All Gardening compost is a peat-free compost made from 100% recycled garden waste.  All Gardening compost is the environmentally sound alternative to peat based compost.  Do you know what’s in your compost?   Do you care?  Despite growing ecological concerns, peat remains the most popular medium for UK. 

Life is too complex to get every ethical decision right. Buying All Gardening, however, is one easy win.  All Gardening compost a 100% recycled, peat free, Yorkshire sourced and Yorkshire produced compost.

All Gardening compost is 0-10mm, suitable for flowers, fruits, vegetables, hanging baskets, trees and shrubs, and is an ideal lawn feed and dressing — anything which requires high nutrient density.  Amongst other benefits, All Gardening compost will be:

  • Revitalise and restore nutrients to your soil.

  • Hold nutrients and water in the soil, releasing them when required.

  • Recover heavy soil making it more workable and improving drainage.

  • Add humus (organic matter) back to your soil

Available in a handy 40l carry bag or delivered 800kg dumpy bag (call for details on bulk orders).