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All Gardening offer an all year round cost effective lawn care service which is accessible to everyone in the UK. The main focus is deliver Lawn Plan services that range from a minimum or 5 times a year to a fully service of 42 times throughout the year to generate a flourishing healthy lawn. Our lawn treatment programme can include:

  • Weed Treatment

  • Moss Treatment

  • Pest Treatment

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Scarification

  • Aeration

  • Over-seeding

Customer service is crucial in the running of our business as we rely on repeat business and referrals to grow. Not only are our service levels to our lawn customers better than our competitors, we offer much more services, but our service to franchisees, with regular mentoring is outstanding.

The potential in lawn care in the UK is enormous. It is estimated that 60% of the 22 million homes in the UK could benefit from our lawn care service, that’s a potential customer base of 12 million and we believe that only 10% of any of those lawns are currently being serviced.

Each franchisee will get a unique postcode area with a minimum of 80,000 potential customers which is a considerably larger area than offered by any of our competitors. This means that attracting just 2% of these will give you 1600 customers.

The next ideal next step if you would like to learn more about All Gardening Lawn Service franchisee is to contact us.

We would love for you to come and meet us, we can share how we think about lawn care, how it fits into our total gardening solution and we can answer all the questions you may have about running and building your own business.

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4 Devonshire Yard / Harrogate / HG1 4FL

Phone: 07834 769978

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