Phil Argent - Founder of All Gardening Lawn Service

If you are looking for a business opportunity where you are guaranteed regular income on an on going basis well into the future, an All Gardening Lawn Service business might be just the job for you.

All Gardening Lawn Service is a home service franchise, we have developed "Lawn Plan", which is what it says it is, it's a service plan based around lawn care. We provide and use a comprehensive range of lawn care treatments and services, such as grass cutting, lawn treatments, moss control, aeration scarification and over seeding, from residential and commercial customers throughout the UK.

We expect "Lawn Plan" to be the next big thing in the home services market, by providing our customers with easy to buy Lawn Plans, excellent service and affordable and flexible pricing available to all.

The All Gardening Lawn Service franchise can be operated as a simple "man in a van" business or it can be scaled to a multi van "management franchise, where the effort is in managing and growing your customer base.

When it comes down to knowledge and experience in lawn care, turf management or gardening, you don't need much as we will give you a huge insight into the how to bit as well as ongoing management support to help you establish and grow you business. 

Some of the benefits of running a "Lawn Plan" lawn care business include:

  1. Cash is generated from the first month
  2. A protected area 
  3. Healthy profit margins
  4. All year round recurring income
  5. Rapid growing market
  6. Healthy lifestyle business
  7. Economically resilient business model
  8. Flexibility in how you run and grow your business
  9. Owning a business you can run from home, minimises the money you pay out in rent and storage.

For a limited period franchises are available from  £13,499 + VAT All Gardening Lawn Service is an excellent value lawn care franchise.



I have always had an interest in gardening and lawns so when an opportunity for a lawn franchise came up a few years ago I dithered over it and researched the market to death...and ultimately missed out. So…this time around (and few years later)...I responded to a franchise newsletter immediately because I knew it was what I wanted!

The opportunity came through for a franchise with All Gardening Lawn Service and this time I did not want the opportunity to slip through my fingers. I said “yes”, but it is a two-way process and I really appreciate that. You can say “yes", but if they don’t feel that you would be a good fit then I am sure it would be a constructive discussion. That said, All have been absolutely fantastic. I now have a brand that I feel that I can really get behind; I received the training and support that has helped me establish the business; and I have a business with a huge growth-potential that makes me want to get out of bed in the morning. What more do you want?

As part of the franchise I got all the equipment and training I needed to succeed as well as the business support and direction that I needed. Some of the advice was uncomfortable to hear but it had the desired effect. With the support of All I feel that I have a fully-scalable business (I intend to employ others) and the know-how I have received as part of the licensing package has helped me to succeed. The support has encompassed (other than the actual equipment) marketing , sales, book-keeping and practical hands on education.

Bottom line is that if, provided you want to put the effort in, you want to work independently; want build a business; want to get on with things then I don’t think you’ll find a better support partnership. I am happy I chose this franchise and don’t regret a second. If you want to call me to discuss then I am very happy to discuss your concerns.

Gareth Gadd - NW Leeds