About Us

With more than 12 years experience in the lawn care industry, All Gardening Lawn Service has the resources and reputation of a great company and the convenience of local experts with branches in London and Yorkshire. Our capabilities span every facet of lawn care maintenance with exceptional care of turf, plants and trees. It begins with our All Gardening Lawn Service team—certified and licensed specialists, experts, agronomists, horticulturists and field representatives—who are committed to delivering outstanding service year after year.

How it all started

"How big is my lawn?" it was a question I was asking myself one day after work when I was cutting the lawn. "Surly there is an average size lawn" and "I wonder if I cut mine any faster than anyone else" and "I wonder is my lawn looking the best in the neighbourhood" - boy I did ask a lot of questions about my lawn back in 2004. So much so that I thought I'd make a living out of the hunt for the answers. 

And in April 19th 2004 All Gardening Lawn Service was born.

25000 visits later I've learnt a lot about lawn maintenance, lawn treatments and lawn care. I can't say I know everything but I do know a thing or two about the green stuff now. And I love it. 

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If you ever want to talk all things grass just drop me a line phil@allgardeninglawnservice.co.uk

Our Guarantee

EVERY one of our visit is backed by the All Gardening Lawn Service Lawn Guarantee. We strongly believe that a lawn changes from day to day and to keep it in top class condition you need to monitor its condition every visit. So we use a little bit of technology to keep track of the condition of your lawn and record what we see when we visit.

OUR TEAM back at base will analyse the information coming through and will advise you and the lawn technicians on any recommended changes needed.

We Believe that our lawn technicians are doing the best job possible to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction.

In fact, We’ll gladly visit your property as often as needed between scheduled visits to make any necessary adjustments and to ensure your satisfaction.

If your not satisfied with the condition of your lawn after any of our visits contact us.