Freshly cut grass in the back of our vans smells just like banana skins, why?

Today was like just any other day, out and about delivering our lawn services, a day where the weather was sunny and boy it was hot for a September day 28c. It seems to be a developing weather pattern where we get these sharp hot days in mid summer, really hot and then it drops off quickly into the dark days of autumn and onto winter, maybe its the way going forward. That's not too bad, something nice to look forward too after summer breaks.

The lawn looking good with a 25mm cut, bit stressed but it does get used a lot.

The lawn looking good with a 25mm cut, bit stressed but it does get used a lot.


On hot sunny days like this the most important thing I can tell you about is to make sure you have a "sharp" lawnmower blade, the importance of the sharp blade is if you do have a sharp blade you "cut" the grass, if its blunt you "strike and tear" the grass. If you have a blunt blade what it means is the grass gets damaged and it will die back and go yellow and if your really careless with the cut it will go brown or "burn out" . So make sure you check your blade mid season, which is July onwards.

Today It seem to me that the summer was giving us one last blast before it packs up and goes elsewhere, the lawns looked tired, some well kept and some showing the signs of a year of harsh cuts and hard use. With our lawn plan services we often get to see the lawns on a weekly or bi weekly basis (lawnplan complete) but with some of our treatment only services (lawnplan basic) we only get to see the lawns on a handful of occasions. With that in mind we try and keep a record of the lawns conditions as the year goes on by taking pictures every visit.

A happy habit

For me I made a conscious effort to cut my own lawn this morning and I did it early doors 8am, again, I've got into the habit of giving it a cut every other day. I'm keen as mustard to try and get my own bit of green stuff looking its best. They often say a greenkeepers never have a good lawn at home because they have done enough grass care at work, but for me it's a great start to the day.

The cut was no different to any other day, I cut it at the same length and in the same direction. I quite like to cut my lawn in different directions depending on time of year, condition of the grass and what the cut length is and ultimately if anyone is coming over who might see it {if thats the case I always double cut the lawn, one time in one direction and the 2nd cut of the same length in another direction}. What I find with a fine lawn is once you get below a cut length around 15 mm the "stripy ness" of the lawn will become less obvious, you get a stripier lawn with longer grass (not many people know that! check a little video on cutting a stripy lawn here.  

I love the smell of fresh cut grass in the morning, its the smell of optimism and opportunity and Banana's!!

So back to today, when I cut the lawn I was strangely over come by the power of the smell of the newly cut grass. Which got me thinking what does the smell of freshly cut grass actually smell of? 

The funny thing about the smell of fresh cut grass is some days the cut gives off a smell and others it doesn’t. At a guess I’m thinking that they lawn gives off a smell when it has a bit more moisture in it, maybe it's when its had a flush of new growth, maybe it's because the ground conditions are cooler and the air above it warmer - so as the warm air rises the whiff of cut grass comes up too. To be honest I’m not sure but I do know that it's not a constantly delivered smell from every cut.

A bit of wondering around the web and came across an article in The Atlantic discussing that most languages have so few words for smells, it's kinda true in a way. I think we probably use very few words to describe smells on a day to day basis, not sure why, maybe it's not the thing to do to be too descriptive on one of the senses as its going to be so subjective, Piff and piffall!


The smell of green

The smell of green

   Banana skins - the bananas you buy from Tesco, picked green and never really ripen correctly

    •    Rocket leaf - sometimes in the morning the new grass cuts can give off a smell thats quite sharp, green leaf,  dusty and a bit peppery

    •    Pea pods - its the inside of pea pods

    •    The one smell you often get when cutting a lawn is one that luckily doesn't travel far, the smell of the mower engine. Chuffing and blowing fumes.

{there are many other aroma notes you get from our van, the wiff of petrol, lawn treatments and dust are a few that come to mind} 

The one thing that we are all sure, even those that get hay fever is the smell of freshly cut grass is a positive one, one that congers up memories of summer and days out, the smell of hope and adventures, the smell of new opportunities. 

Our vans are a fresh on the outside as the inside.

Our vans are a fresh on the outside as the inside.

Do our vans have the smell of fresh cut grass every day? Sadly not the cutting service typically only runs from March to November. 

Van - Ford transit van | Mower - Hayter pro | Aerator - Easy core 205 | Scarifier - Eliet Scarifier | Lawn feeder - scotts acupro 2000 |

We like to thank the guys at Artsigns in London  and De-sign harrogate. Both very good for van livery.