Does your lawn need aeration?

In short, yes!

You might not realise it but your lawn consists of thousands of individual plants, and often a mixture of varieties. Your lawn needs water and sunlight as a minimum to keep it looking green, but to get a really good lawn it will also need regular mowing, fertilising, weed control, pest control, disease control, aeration and scarification (thatch removal). 

Walking on your lawn (even when mowing it) and rainfall all add to the compaction of the soil in your lawn. When compaction starts to be a real issue you will notice obvious patches of water that do not easily drain away. You will also notice that the grass tips will start to turn yellow. Grass is amazingly tough stuff but it is not aquatic! Too much water and it will start to drown. We don’t want that do we.

To relieve compaction you need to aerate and we recommend that you do this every year to keep your lawn in really good shape. Aeration involves perforating the soil of your lawn so that air, water and nutrients reach the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, healthier, lawn. The soil in your lawn can be opened up with a hand-held hollow-tine aerator or you could even use the tines of your garden fork. If you have ever done this though, you will know that this is back-breaking work. 

So why not save your back and book us in to aerate your lawn? This September till March 2017 we are offering aeration for a flat fee of £45  (for lawns less than 250 m2). Book now to avoid disappointment. Your lawn will thank you!

Van - Ford transit van | Mower - Hayter pro | Aerator - Easy core 205 | Scarifier - Eliet Scarifier | Lawn feeder - scotts acupro 2000 |

We like to thank the guys at Artsigns in London  and De-sign harrogate. Both very good for van livery.