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A perfect cut lawn -

A perfect cut lawn -

Lawn Care Hacks - 5 top tips for cutting your lawn correctly

Looking after a lawn is a careful balance of cutting, watering and feeding. There are many other tasks you can carry out but its all about the basics to start with.

Can you cut a lawn in the rain or when its wet
— Number 1 customer question

The best line I often hear from customers or prospective customers is "can you cut the lawn in the rain or when it wet"?

My answer to that is always the same, YES. Below are the 5 top tips for cutting the lawn in any weather. 

  1. Sharpe lawn mower blades - the one thing that is very common with all new or used lawn mowers is the blades are all to often blunt. They are either polished off because of all the cutting or they were never really that sharp when you first too ownership of the mower. The best tip is to take off the blades and get a kitchen steel and give them a good sharpen. The do not need to be pin sharp but what they do need to be is constantly sharp. The trick is to sharpen them up so you can cut paper cutting through the paper. Often you can hear and feel a sharp cut and also you can see when you have cut that the grass leaf has a clean cut rather than a "tear" the grass. A note on tearing grass, if its a very hot day, and people do like to cut there lawn on a hot day you need a sharp blade, if its blunt and you tear the grass the leaf will die back, just like a badly pruned plant.

  2. Cut high when its wet - Its often very hard to cut the lawn on a wet day or on a day with very heavy dew, on those days its best that you set the lawn mower blades at a setting a bit higher than normal so you just clip off the top leaf. By cutting off the top leaf when you will do is stop that leaf getting any longer and the whole plan will put its effort into producing the new leafs. Once it dries out then take the cut down to normal heigh.

  3. Less is more - If the lawn is longer than normal because you have been away or you have missed a cut for some reason, don't be tempted to cut the hell out of it, the first cut you do should be long and just the once. Then a few days later have a second cut at the same height again. Once you have a nice clean cut then start to progressively take the cut length down to what ever you want it to be

  4. Short lawns don't happen in one cut - this is really important to understand. If you want a nice lawn you have to take it a day at a time. Its important that you get an idea of the condition of the lawn when its long and then take the cut down gradually and look at how the lawn responds with each next cut. You might find that as the lawn gets shorter and the grass gets more stressed you may need to give it a feed or aerate it to get some additional stimulation into the root zone.

  5. Different cut directions - some might say its lawn art, and other may say I like the stripes. The truth is you need to cut the lawn in different directions to keep the grass growing correctly. Some grasses over time will start running in one directing and the new grass may set up secondary plants which root in the thatch of the existing grasses. This is bad news as one dry day when you push the lawn for a lower cut you may find the mower pulls up a whole section of grass. So its a good idea to have a common direction that you like but from time to time (every 4 weeks) change the direction.

Less is more when cutting a lawn for the 1st time
— Phil Argent - senior lawn guy

The one thing I have always found about cutting lawn is it should be a pleasure. The pleasure is from getting a consistent result, which includes grass condition, grass colour and a good length.

If you have a well cut lawn and it can be at any height it can easily be a show case for the garden. And in my experience if you have a nice lawn a un kept garden don't look that bad either.

You should you this equipment:

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