One price for all

Now, every lawn company will tell you they need to "see your lawn" to do a "assessment".

The truth is this - using conventional hand held measuring tools and wheels it is very difficult to correctly measure your lawn unless it is a rectangle. Therefore any lawn company assessing your lawn can only "assume" the size. In the majority of cases it will be easier to over estimate than under estimate the size of a lawn by 10-15%.

With this in mind we have made good use of online mapping technology to correctly assess the size of your lawn.

Using local data, insight and technology we get a good idea of the aspect of the lawn and key components like:

the garden aspect - where is south, tree canopies and the surrounding land conditions - this stuff is what is really important!!! Most companies will never do this key data assessment.

We actually only really assess your lawn for the important things. The general condition of the lawn we assume is poor  - (and we know this to be the case in 99.9% of the time) -  and needs correct cutting and treatments to maintain it to the correct condition.

So, we save time and money assessing your lawn using data, insight and technology to ultimately save you money. Because we don't waste time assessing the lawn face to face, we are able to give you a fixed price offer.

The old way is the old way.