Lawn Plan Renovation - half the price of a new lawn

"How much for a new lawn??? Forget it, let's just renovate the one we have"

Lawn Plan renovation is a great way to get a new lawn for a fraction of the cost. Call us for a quick quote and free assessment to see if your lawn can be renovated

Lawn plan renovation is designed to repopulate the lawn with a new grass species whilst trying to remove some of the unwanted grass plants. It involves weekly lawn cutting, weed control, moss control, feeds, aeration, scarification, seed and top dressing.

We take care of it on a bi weekly basis. Typically 50% the cost of a new lawn. 

EVERY one of our visits is backed by the All Gardening Lawn Service Lawn Guarantee. We strongly believe that a lawn changes from day to day and to keep it in top class condition you need to monitor its condition on every visit. So we use a little bit of technology to keep track of the condition of your lawn and record what we see when we visit.