We're different, we like to think we are part of your team.

Delivering super lawn care requires the best support in the industry.

It takes a while to become the “go to” expert in any field but you’ll genuinely become a lawn care expect in a relatively quick time. Our technical expertise and extensive experience is backed up by the best equipment for the job and when you start your own franchise you’ll receive industry leading initial training and extensive ongoing support. Our training isn’t just confined to lawn care either because our management team is made up of franchising and small business professionals who’ll be able to mentor and help you with every aspect of a fast growing franchise. We’ve been there and done it and with our franchise launch we’re extremely passionate about assisting our franchise partners to replicate our success.

When you join us as a franchise you become part of a 12 month program of growth. Discovering your value, your skills and build a business that reflects your hard work, knowledge and personal ambitions,

Business Ownership is the most fabulous experience of freedom and expression. At its best, it reflects all that we want from life and all that we want to give to others. When we are truly succeeding it is the most intoxicating feeling and experience, so powerful that our business experience can impact our life, family, friendships and ourselves. In reality, to run a business that never has low moments is not possible. Despite the constant online celebrations we witness, life can throw many curve balls. Some can be bad luck, some can be bad judgement. Over time, we learn more about ourselves than we ever imagined we would.

Key areas we work to develop are:

  1. Training on all equipment use

  2. Training on all systems, inc email, scheduling, billing

  3. Training on running your own marketing and sales campaign

  4. Knowledge of typical grass maintenance requirements

  5. Knowledge of how to cut a lawn 12 months of the year (a few secrets here!)

  6. Advise on managing growth. We give you an understand of where you can lose profit as well as make it as you build your business, we encourage you not to make any mistakes.

  7. Advise on staff recruitment and training

  8. You will have you very own compliance manager, where you can share information about assessments and lawn problems as they come up

  9. We give you knowledge of how to use referrals, when, how to ask and when to ask

  10. Knowledge of typical customer types and buying habits

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