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Lawn care, lawn treatments and lawn maintenance.

What is our Lawn Plan Lawn Care Service?

A complete lawn care program that includes lawn treatments and lawn maintenance. Designed to keep your lawn (and most of your garden) happy and growing the way it should.

A good lawn does more than just look great, it’s a wonderful thing for you and your family and friends to enjoy. A good lawn has just the right balance of greenness, growth and barefooted walking opportunity appeal!

LawnPlan is much more than just lawn care, it’s lifestyle care, it’s family care. Above it it’s just something that will give you huge satisfaction!


The perfect lawn when you just want to enjoy it more and you just don’t know how.

Lawn Plan is a convenient and complete lawn care program.

So it's the perfect solution if you want to save time and money, want to take pleasure from a great lawn, generally improve your garden, or get a garden looking great for a house sale.

Here’s what some of LawnPlan users are saying:

“Wonderful team, great results”

“Cheap, easy to buy, don’t make any expensive mistakes”

“my kids love the perfect football pitch”


Benefits of LawnPlan


100% Complete lawn care. A sustainable and balanced way to look after your homes greatest asset.

Lawn Plan is a true lawn service. Our services have been developed by Phil Argent, a qualified horticulturalist with over 16 years lawn specific experience.

LawnPlan is a service that has been designed using products that are sustainable, 100% organic and good for the lawn and garden and also not harmful to animals and children. Most LawnPlans are a mix of growth treatments, grass hardening and healthy root zone supporting products. We also offer the best sustainability produced seed for patching and adding to existing lawns.

What’s New Today

Shady Grass Seed - AG#2
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Utility Grass Seed
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100% Garden Compost
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Video Recommendations

Calculators and Key Tasks

Garden Mulch Calculator - its a great job to maintain your garden. All you need to know to order just what you need.

Fencing Materials Calculator - If your garden project minded, this is a great calculator for all your fencing needs.

Grass Seed Calculator - Over seeding a lawn, or growing a lawn from seed, this calculator will help.

Lawn Scarification - It’s best to do lawn scarification in stages over the growing year.

Hollow Tine Lawn Aeration - We think this is the best job for any garden, and especially lawns.

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